Drinking Fountains & Riveras

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So, as I was saying Italy was the first European country we visited. It took our breath away.

If only the buildings could talk, I’m sure each would have its own story to tell. Learning a little bit of italian to get by with the locals was a lot of fun – more so since it did overlap with english. Having gelatos in the middle of night, having the sun shine on upon us at even 8 PM and last but not the least the fountains of water that we could drink!

Coming from India where tap water is to be sent through a water purifier to be made ‘edible’ , it was very unusual to drink right out of the pipes by the side of the road!

Walking by the river Tiber after sundown was yet another surreal experience, not to worry about the time or the people or a curfew in my case really gave it a perfect Roman Holiday Experience.


Photo Reference: Attached are 3 photos from our first day there. We walked by the River Tiber and to Piazza del Popolo where we saw the Egyptian Obelix and the Twin Churches of Santa Maria di Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli.


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