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I feel terrible that I have not been regular with the Dog Wood Photography Challenge I had promised to undertake. Though this year seems like a re-run of last, I’ve made it a point to try a whole to strategy.

Strategy not only with respect to my choices regarding my future but also my attitude to life. Being positive gives you a sense of confidence, a sense of accomplishment. I read somewhere that when you enter a match or a race – you need to believe you are the one who is going to win. Not the opponent(s).  The universe does listen.

I also do know it is easier said than done. Somedays are treacherous. So much so that I have to take the day to catch my breath. Such days are lovely to rummage through the old hard drive and find these beautiful pictures.

This was probably our very first international trip. I had my very first digital camera – a Canon Ixus 220 HS. And boy did I go berserk with number of photos I could shoot without worrying about running out of film! I love how many pictures are amateurish and some are drop dead gorgeous that I can’t believe that I could take them.

We went to Italy and did a few sights – Rome, The Vatican, Pisa, Florence, Venice and a small stop at San Gimignano. I’ve attached a few from our first day in Rome.

Despite being as young and naive as I was, I truly felt Florence was a beautiful place that is highly underrated and hidden behind the glory of Rome and Venice. Venice is undoubtedly breath-taking and the little boat ride to the famous Murano glass making factories was simply a cherry on top.

I will find more Throwbacks to add to the Italian collection and hopefully one day make it back there to see Milan and Verona too!



2 thoughts on “Roma

  1. Our aim is to look at Italy all over again some day.
    And to drive too. Florence is definitely a must. Imagine this, a few days in each city. Just 5 or 6 of them will mean a full month! Can you think how long it will take to explore each of the beautiful villages for a few days!

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