Candy Colours

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Who doesn’t love candy?!

With everyone at home counting their calories it is an impossible task to take pictures of candy. I also do not have past photos of sweets because… well who does that! Chocolates are made to be eaten, not photographed! On a third note, this week’s topic was rather impish – Candy without candy! 

I must thank my parents for the success of this week’s homework. Dad because he wanted his pants ‘re-altered’ which made mom take out her entire stitching set. Mom also gave a ton of suggestions on how to add colour and pop to the pics. Finally the baby ballerinas and the bunnies for posing so patiently! 

This is my first set of pics I shot this year for the project and I can’t tell you how much I love this slideshow option on the blog! Perfect way to display multiple images. It was so hard to pick one from all the adorable photographs!

Hope you like them and my take on the theme! Leave me a shout out, I do love your feedbacks : )


🌏 • Mumbai, IN
⏳  • 7th February 2017, 9:00 PM









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