Cloud Gate


I’m happy to say we have entered the 5th week of the year and thus my photography project. I did tweak the projects rules to suit my convenience – in the sense that I’ve been uploading old pics instead of taking new ones!

Forgive me for

  1. I am at a disadvantage : I am unable to take 10-20 shots of an object in varied angles and lights – at this moment.
  2. I have so many pending old photos I should be posting or atleast printing out for myself that this seems like the perfect way to do it! 
  3. This is my 2nd or 3rd post of Cloud Gate. #SorryButNotSorry

It is a funny little monument. Set in the middle of Downtown, Chicago, walking distance from the lake, reflecting the city’s marvelous sky line – it surely is a sight to see. It’s as beautiful when covered with snow! Hard to imagine that it is merely a big lump of steel! 

This week’s theme was to take 10 different shots of an object. Not only is this the best set of pictures I have but the varied reflections The Bean projects – of the buildings or of the people – seemed poetically apt.

Above is a collage of 9 of my best shots, below is a link of my previous post and last but not least one of the night shots of the Gate


🌏 • Cloud Gate, Chicago
⏳• 18th March 2015, 6:07 PM


#Saphiras52Weeks #Dogwood2017 #dogwoodweek5 #Dogwood52 #dogwoodphotographychallenge




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