Lake of Linderhof



I realise that I’m putting up my second consecutive water body picture but this seemed perfect for this week’s theme – Mirror.

I fell in love with these still lakes in Germany. It was also the first time I saw snow. We were at Fussen from where we made a small drive into Austria. Gorgeous slithering hills surrounding frozen lakes – with hardly anyone around in minus temperatures. So beautiful!

On our way back we made a quick stop at Linderhof Palace. Unfortunately, we visited after closing hours but we got a small tour around the palace grounds. It was around the end of winter so the gardens were eerie and snow laden.

🌏 β€’ Linderhof Palace, Germany
⏳ Β β€’ 7th January 2014




2 thoughts on “Lake of Linderhof

    1. Oh that’s unfortunate. I didn’t even know the insides were so beautiful till later! No no there wasn’t a “Lake” as such. A lot of melted snow and small ponds. But it was completely deserted that evening – so it was a self made tour !

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