Timber Trail

Nikon D5200 1/250s, fl 29mm, f/8.0, ISO 100


2017 is a new beginning – as is every new year. I thought I would take inspiration from the 52 Week Photography Challenge and follow it up till I can. Since I do not have as many opportunities to be up n out on my feet I will upload past photos as well as new ones depending on their availability. 

I hope you enjoy them and it helps improve my skills. Would love your feedback and comments!

Photo Reference: As many know just owning a professional camera doesn’t make  you a professional photographer.  I am an amateur photographer. Some things I learnt via my own judgement, some by reading up online. I do wish one day I can join a course to get some advance skills, till then I will self teach. 

Rule of Thirds is one of the basic composition tricks of photography. Placing the object of interest on the imaginary intersecting 4 lines of the frame enhances the anatomy of the picture.In potraits it’s the eye of the person, in landscapes it may be the horizon and so on and so forth. 

But as all rules aren’t made to be followed, rule of thirds is simply a guideline. Many photos demand its object to be in the very centre and many may even have no correlation to the lines. So, go out there, see what your gut tells you to do and click away.

Week 1: Rule of Thirds

⏳• 21st November 2016, 11:15 AM
🌏• Timber Trail, Himachal Pradesh


#dogwood52 #dogwood2017 #dogwoodweek1


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