Buddha Park


There has always been something very magnetic about Buddhism. Maybe I do not understand it fully, maybe because it is a subset or superset of Hinduism, maybe because it doesn’t force you to believe in everything – but something about the clouds that surround their art and the simplicity of the Tibetan monks radiates out a large aura of peace. 

I am not religious, that doesn’t make me an atheist. The mythological stories and epics that are passed on to us are one of the most intricate and detailed stories that I still don’t know by heart. Each hero and villain is this mixture of good and bad. If one were to read the entire tale one would see all the sides to every character. Similarly Buddha may have attained enlightenment but at the expense of leaving his family behind. Who decides what is right or wrong? Should all decisions be selfish? Should all decisions be selfless? 

Finding a balance is key. It isn’t always possible. It is about 75-85% times not possible but it is what we must strive for. But what is the purpose of life? The pain, the happiness, the goals, the balance? 

Photo reference: Taken outside the Buddha Park of Ravangla aka Tathagata Tsal, Rabong, South Sikkim. Constructed around the Ralang Monastery it is a massive garden and shrine – if I am allowed to say so- supporting a 130ft tall statue of Gautam Buddha. A peaceful touristy spot that was completed in 2013 and commemorated the 2550th birth anniversary of Buddha. 


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