Coronation Throne



The family was whole once again. It meant we were going to commemorate it with a road trip. Having done the regions in and around Mumbai, Maharashtra a number of times, the little one insisted we make a trip to the other side of the country.

Thus, we took a flight to Bagdogra, WB via Guwahati, Assam – during the course of which we also went over the international airspace of Bangladesh. From Bagdogra, we made the treacherous and horrendous ( though it didn’t seem so at that time) 7 hour drive to Pelling, Sikkim.

So, I did a little research to give the right geological term to the landscape. Officially there wasn’t a term given online but from the looks of it and the description of the word I can firmly say we drove through a very lush tropical canyon. We bounced about beside the tributaries of River Teesta: a gorgeously rough yet steadily flowing waterbody.

After a short pitstop at an unusual restaurant for lunch and a holdup at a post-landslide- stricken-location, we made it safely to the hotel and were welcomed by the typical monsoon showers!

Photo Reference: This picture was taken the next day. Having made a itenary on the spot, we visited the usual tourist spots around Pelling. This is at The Coronation Throne of Norbugang Chorten. Established in 1642, this place is interesting not only because it was where 3 Lamas crowned Phunshog Namgyal, the first ‘Dharma King’ aka Chogyal of Sikkim but it also holds a form of a time capsule under the stupa bearing the gifts given to the Chogyal.

I first saw these piles of stones or cairns on our trip to Scotland last year. They are actually man-made piles of stones whose primary purpose is to guide a person back ( or forth) an unknown terrain. The buddhists have a different reason. They symbolize the balance and concentration you put into the wish or prayer you ask for as you stack the stones.


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