Into the sunset.


I have never been a regular blogger. I admit it. I apologize yet again. But I was having a conversation with mom and she had something absolutely true to say.

Recently she opened an Instagram account with the intention to document her lovely home and the intricate pieces of decoration she has it in. Of course I was delegated the job of photographer, editor and stenographer. Oh! not to forget hashtag-advisor! From hashtags that range from cliche #MyHaiku to more personalized ones #BinnysBouquets. Anywho, before we drift off to another conversation altogether – for a couple of days now I had a collection of pictures of a bouquet of orange-pink lilies. Though they were all in varied  angles and lightings we had come down to a decision regarding which one she would upload. One would assume that to be the hardest part of the job of being a Instagram Secretary. Alas, then there comes the dealings of what Ma’am would like to say with the picture. 

Weeks went by and she wasn’t ready with a quote. When I prodded her for one, she retaliated saying there was no rule that she needed to upload one every other day or other week! It was after all her account and her memories, she was free to do with it what she pleased. Which also got me to thinking, I shouldn’t be feeling so wretched about not writing often – I have the weirdest writers sprees – as long as I do write and you do read 🙂 

Photo Reference: This was taken at a lovely place called Lavasa. It is the first planned hill city since the country’s independence and isn’t devoid of its own controversies. Shunning all that aside, it’s a gorgeous little city replicating the architecture and coloured houses of Italian village Portofino. It is by the River Mutha and is surrounded by picturesque hills. We went there to celebrate Mom’s birthday this year and this was our second trip there after about 6-7 years since it’s start up! 

Photo was taken as we were walking to the car to take a drive around the little town. 
P.S. We never posted the picture of the Lillies. 


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