Cottage by the bay.


Flashback to last years mega travel: The United Experience.

Photographs are such lovely objects. You can frame an emotion in a fraction of a second and as you grow older, move through life, the picture starts to  mean something different. Like a book! I read Eric Segal’s Doctors when I was in my second year of medicine. As I read through each chapter I felt like I could see a bit of my future in it. I also knew when I would read it after my education was completed ( haha – funny for a doc to hear that!) and I would start working that the book would mean something else to me.

Likewise, when I took this photograph: My family and I were tired  after a long morning drive from Inverness. We were so relieved to get off the Bealach na Bà – a narrow single lane Indian-ghat-equivalent! We had a scrumptious meal at the Applecross Inn and strolled around the rocky beach. I stood as close as I could to the water gazing in awe at the mountains on the other side. How wonderful it must be to wake up to this every morning? How beautiful my soul feels here with no connectivity or people to please… 

Now every time I look at this snap, I dream of a little cottage with a little family away from all the noise. Maybe one day I’ll be writing you something small from someplace as secluded.

Photo Reference: Took this picture jumping around from one corner of the street to another while Dad called the three of us for a selfie (as usual). The other ladies were a little “hangry” but not so bad that a a lovely scottish meal couldn’t cure! 🙂 



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