New Years



I do realize this is the second month into the New years and yup that is a pic from the one that just passed by and also that I have been horribly irregular with my posts. An apology for each of my blunders! 

While everyone celebrated the coming of the man-made time continuum, I sat here in a state of limbo. I really do love that word. Oxford defines it as,’An uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution.’ My grandfather loves telling me the 5-6 times he went through such phases. He seemed optimistic. He saw them as a mini vacation between one job and the next, or one class to the next. Such wisdom only comes with age. Here I am, prime of my youth, sitting in front of a book preparing for yet another exam. I do sense that this post seems to be going south on the mood and affect category so let me turn it around. 

Life is where you are. Not where you were or where you are going. It does take a bit of convincing at times but I am happy to be ‘Funemployed’ – as my cousin refers to my situation: Fun-Unemployed – I proceeded with my guitar classes ( one thing I’m sure I would’ve neglected if I had chosen the ‘path always taken’), my mom & grandmom taught me how to knit ( not very patiently I must add!) and other small hobbies I used to do during our school summer vacations. 

Though I still hope life would move me forward to the next phase, maybe this phase is me sitting back and enjoying those Mumbai Lights. To everyone else who can relate to this limbo, stay put, stay strong. Do not give up.

Photo Reference: I am home with my parents after what would seem like a decade. I tried recalling how I celebrated the last few years New Years Eve and I could only recall a few – Once I was stranded at home because my flight changed, once it was a lovely bonfire at a friend’s place and I assume the rest were customary hugs and wishes around the hostel. 

My parents badgered my little sis about what they had done the previous year ( Also this new year was one where all of us were together!) and seemed rather disappointed when they realized they had stayed home to watch the IIFA. So, in the spirit of a positive and bright future, we took a walk down the beautifully lit powai streets and had a late dinner at our favorite chinese restaurant.

How was your new year’s eve? 🙂 


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