Beach side Blabberings



There is alluring sensation about the ocean. The calm crashing of the waves. The quietness of its depth. The regularity of the ripples. Some would say it is a form of meditation. If I’m not mistaken, a lot of the music designed for meditation consists of ocean sounds.

The area near ratnagiri is one of those rare places where the sea meets the hills. Surrounded by ghats on the east and long strips of untamed, untouched beaches on the west; the drive was remarkable. Little brooks and rivers cut our path and that just added to the subtle beauty of the district.

During this trip, I looked over at the people living in their bungalows and cottages and wondered what a peaceful life they might be having. I’m sure they must’ve looked at me and wondered what an adventurous life I live. It is strange how each one of us has such a unique and distinct life that cannot be compared to another. Everyone wants you figured out but really, I don’t think anyone can be just black and white. Each to their own joys and each to their own troubles.


Photo Reference: An evening stroll on the beach, collecting sea shells and troubling little crabs. Took this pic on our first evening at Ratnagiri after a long 8 hour drive!


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