Cars vs. Lights


So, before I go back to ranting about my international adventures let’s hit home for a bit. There truly isn’t anything as comforting and beautiful as home.

To be honest, I’ve been a nomad. True, my longest stints have been around 7 years long but somehow I’ve never belonged to one place. Which is great! I can always move to a new place with more excitement than remorse of leaving one. It gives me this sense of diversity and the joy of picking up these little nuances about each city or town that make it special.

When I first moved to Mumbai, I was caught in this ruckus of exams, school, future, coaching… I never really got to see the city for what it really is and what everyone thought I would enjoy as a late teen. This time around I am as free as a bird and as equipped as a… well.. trained dog? haha, but still gaining the trust of my parents with respect to driving in the city, I love getting lost in the streets close to home.

It is that time of the year again. The festivals of fall. Could we call them that? The festivities that teach us the greatness of light over darkness and good over evil. Dusshera is here and diwali is just around the corner. Having just missed the mandaps that were put up for Ganesh Puja a month ago, I refused to miss out on this too. Bearing the october heat, I strolled down the streets to the lovely and absolutely grand ( very beautiful and clean too if i may add) Pavilion or mandap. Dusshera being a 10 day festival, I will be visiting it again in a few days when I will present to you the stunning statue of Ma durga.

Photo Reference: On my way back, eager to still photograph the city in its liveliness, I walked across onto the divider right in the middle of the street. Slow moving traffic – as they call it here- made it easy for me to stand there for a little while and snap away this gorgeous picture.


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