Thundering, towering, typhoons!


So, let’s move forward on the journey through London. The next day we paid a visit to the famous Tower of London, followed by a lovely long queue to get a glimpse of the crown jewels. As we stepped out of the compound of the palace, tired and hypoglycemic some might say, we saw this magnificent piece of architecture across the river thames. Like all naive tourists, we first assumed it was the London Bridge – yes the one that fell- but seeing the blue white colours that adorned it ( redone specifically for Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee)  it dawned on us that it was the Tower Bridge.

Originally built in the late 1800’s, modernized in 1974 with hydraulic systems and got a make-over in late 2000’s, the tower bridge is an absolutely beauty in the night light. ( Another post for that!)


Photo-reference: Walking side the north bank of the River Thames, marvelling the bridge and scavenging for food, we had a small walk through under the bridge when I caught this. Little food carts stalled on the other side gave our ravenous tummies a light lunch with a superb view of the river and the bridge.


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