Couple of weeks back I suffered the digital tragedy of the century. My entire photo collection of about 7-8 years disappeared when my External Hard drive crashed. I felt my entire world ended and I couldn’t even express in words what I felt. I was down in the dumps, embarrassed and angry all at the same time for having a single copy of the albums. Procrastination taking the blame for the lack of printed copies and laziness for lack of an online backup.

Thanks to mom and a number of my friends, I discovered multiple places where at least a fraction of the photos were stored and frantically gathered them!

Lesson of the day: Make copies!

Photo Reference: This photo was taken on our Mother-Daughter trip to Nepal in ’13. A breathtaking place with glowing buddhist preaching of peace and tranquility.

The recent earthquake is an event that I hope will help the place grow stronger and more prosperous than it was.


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