London Dreams


So, this has truly been the year of travel for me. My next adventure took me to the riverside of London.

A rather long 10-day vacation with the family, the trip was focused on the Highlands of Scotland. So rushing around the city of London, we tried to cover all the “must see places” in a tiny span of 2 days!

So, one thing I was really surprised by – with every foreign place I’ve been to-  is the diversity. For some reason, I’ve always had the misconception of the majority of people who live in one place. But it is wonderful seeing people from all across the world, esp listening to Hindi and Bengali away from home!

London has always been every Harry Potter fan’s dream land. I was disappointed by the size of the store at kings cross but not by kings cross itself. But that’s another post by itself. I was also unfortunate not get a ticket for the Warner Bros Harry Potter Experience, I guess that would have be done the next time around!

The best part of the 2 days was getting around the city on the tube! A thousand times more confusing than the Chicago train lines, we got lost and of course had a classic moment when one of us got left behind at a station!

Photo Reference: On our first day, we walked like we had never before. Many of our tickets were made and all we had to do was show up. London Eye wasn’t one of them. While little sis and dad rushed to get into the long line for it, Mom & I loitered around the Pier by Thames taking tons of pics of the make-shift-entertainers there. Peeking out of the trees, far on the other side of the river was Big Ben


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