A New Continent.


Hey everyone! So, for the past 2 odd months, I had the most wonderful opportunity to come to the great United States of America. Completely drowning in work, studies and trying oh so hard to get used to the life of a ‘first world country’ I’ve hardly had time to post. With the first month cocooned away with my family I was set free into the urban jungle of Chicago to be independent and figure out life on my own.

I have to say not only is the whole experience terrifying it has been rather exhilarating! The basic necessities of life – Roti, Makkan & Kapada ( food, shelter and clothing) was least of my troubles. Food is abundant, the apt that my family & i fixed up is more than just decent – quite luxurious for a single person I must say- and well clothes I have been tugging around 2 suitcases full of them. That left out 2 major things to figure out in a new city – Travel & Weather.

After suffering the humidity of Odisha and venting out all my opinions about the Indian heat in countless blogs posts, diaries and well verbally, I welcomed the American winter with open arms! Even with my toes freezing in my boots and my fingers quivering in my snow gloves, I was not going to complain a single syllable about it! A couple of weeks went by, the sun came out and melted the dirty piled up snow away. For a moment there I presumed that spring had arrived but turns out Chicago doesn’t have a spring! Not surprising for the residents of the city, a huge snow fall occurred and the fields and rooftops were once again covered in sheets of white. It was a breath taking sight.

Travel! Though I do like being independent with my little car back home, but with a public system as well regulated, well connected and well designed as the one here, I don’t know why people are going through the hassle of buying a car, its maintenance and dealing with the parking rules and prices. I also can’t wrap my brain around how people used to travel from place to place without electronic maps. I have lost my way in spite of it. Imagine how many times one would be lost with a paper drawing of a map that couldn’t show you where you are, where you are moving to or even give you directions to which bus/ train is closest to you!

With a few weeks to go, I am cherishing every moment and every weather detail. I am simultaneously dreading to jump into the middle of the Indian Summer and looking forward to going home. 🙂


Photo Reference: This pic was taken at the Cloud Gate, Millennium Park. With many movie songs and scenes shot at this location, we were looking forward to visiting it. Though disappointed by our heightened expectations, it sure was a beautiful blob of metal with a magnificent view of the city’s skyline.


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