The Festival of Lights

Nikon D5200; 1/50s; fl:22.0mm; f/4.0; ISO:1250

The day when the exiled Lord Ram returns home was the day the sky was blinded by the absence of the moon. In celebration for his long awaited return, the people of Ayodhya lit up their homes with diyas and burst crackers, a tradition still followed today despite and in spite the birth and discovery of electricity. Oil lit diyas have been upgraded to coloured bulbs that glitter the balconies in the dark night of the months’ Amavasiya.Ā  Small hand held bombs have been upgraded to street long Chinese crackers,Ā  flower fountains, the chakaras and many others that brighten the evenings celebrations

After what seems to me like the 14 years of hardship that Lord Ram went through, I too got a bit of good news on this auspicious Diwali weekend and hope that this blessing stays for as long as possible.

Have a safe, happy deepawali and a prosperous year ahead everyone!

Photograph Reference: Celebration is always a family affair and this pic was taken off my uncle’s balcony. Patiently waiting , as always, I watched for a cracker to burst into the atmosphere to capture it against not only the little bulbs that marked Edison’s marvelous discovery but also to have the lights of every Bombay building dot the background.


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