Goan Diaries



So just a year ago, I made my first trip out on my own to the cliche but a very lively Union Territory of Goa. A well deserved treat after months, I should go ahead and say years, of turmoil that was our medical education. A week long trip with a group of people I befriended only then and who have stayed strong despite all of my weird quirks!


Reminiscing and reliving the trip I scanned through the pics that I had taken with an automatic Canon Ixus 220HS and came across this. Now this pic was taken, walking or treking  en route to a very unconventional tourist site called Arambol. During the season, it is frequented by people who indulge in water sports and other such activities but we had cleverly, fortunately or just cause we didn’t have any other choice had gone during the off season and it was tranquil and soothing. The place is known for the fact that there is a sweet water river that drains into the salty sea, into both of which we dipped our feet into joyously. Second attraction is a banyan tree that as legend goes was frequented by famous musicians of the yester-years.


So a year has gone by and I’m back in the loops and mazes of the industry I’ve just set foot into and look forward to planning another well-earned trip.


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