The Field Trip

Nikon D5200; fl: 52.0mm; 1/1000s; f/5.6; ISO:800


So, it was just another usual day at the RHTC. The long drive down followed by the survey. But today we decided to explore the village they called Kalarabanka. The Anganwadi was almost a kilometer away from where we were camped and a couple of us decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pay them a visit!

We began our walk in the typical humid climate of the state of Odisha and found a small path that led down into the fields. Finding the vines and the plantations attractive, we slowly edged our way down into the field. Behaving like excited tourists we took pictures in very nook and corner when we found a middle aged woman in a yellow-orange saree staring at us from the middle of the field. Quietly ignoring her, we continued our expedition.Maybe recognizing that we didn’t belong here, she called out to another man in the local tongue asking him to tell us to be careful and not to pluck any of their produce. Understanding what she said, we sent out a reassurance that we were mere tourist and that began a very short but sweet conversation about who we were and when their vegetables were sold. She showed us around, directed us to the near by canal that she claimed would be overflowing in the monsoons.

After taking cliche pictures, we decided it was time to turn back – as we had lunch plans at the temple of the village. On our journey back one of the farmer greeted us and asked us whether we were leaving and handed us a bundle of their freshly plucked cucumbers. They waved us goodbye while simultaneously warning us to watch out for the wires holding up the vines.


Photograph Reference: This pic was taken the before the field tour. I noticed the paddy samplings the men and women of the farm were painstakingly planting, even in the scorching heat and since I couldn’t ask the bus to stop for my photo-graphical whims, I stood for a really long time in the bus by the window trying to capture it. (Boy, did I get mocked for it or what! 😛 )


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