Classic Experiments

Nikon D5200; fl 40.0mm; 1/640s; f/5.4; ISO:250

This picture is almost a year old. Almost as old as my cam. My cam was a sort of graduation gift from my parents. I do have a tiny bit of a difficulty expressing how perfect and amazing this present is but it has to be the best anyone could’ve ever given me. Thanks parents ☺

So, this picture was taken in Nepal. M and I had made a trip there to tag along with little m, though she was at another end of the place. We were hungry and thirsty and found this lovely entrance to a park where it was also mentioned to have WiFi and a famous restaurant – or so the driver said. So, in awe and with a grumbling-tummy-type-longing we crossed the road to the majestic archway only to find a ticket counter. What! But as hungry as we were, we paid the entrance fee and strolled in – also disappointed that the WiFi needed to be paid by the hour too. While M went to tinker, I found the outdoor restaurant and took a seat and waited for the waiter -Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? M returned and there was still no sign of the staff to serve us. Frustrated and more cranky we stomped off but the lush garden and pretty upside down blossoms soothed us. We took a tour of the park, watching the tourists laze in the soft sun while the locals fooled around with their group of friends. M tried her hand at photography and got some amazing portraits of me and the flowers.

Picture Reference: There were these small fountains and little m had tried hard to photograph running water at home and I tried it out. I know it’s cliche but it is just one of those things beginners do and boy, was I thrilled capturing it!


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