World Photography Day

Nikon D5200; fl:55.0mm; 1/250s; f/8.0; ISO:100

So, as part of the Community Medicine rotation, the interns and I are expected to work at a Rural Health Center that is an extension of the main tertiary hospital.With the load of patients being very little and a group of punctual and dedicated doctors, we don’t have much to do other than aid the Department in its surveys and research. Sadly though, the road trip takes a minimum of 2 hours and our journey always ends around noon. In the scorching heat all we can think of doing is returning back to a good bath and heavy lunch. Today was our second day there and I had gone equipped with my photo gear to kill time. ( Just the cam, nothing else really :P)

Kalarabanka is a small village, that’s slowly growing into a township, about 60-70km from the city of Bhubaneswar and is the native place of the Founder and Creator of our well established University. So, while we went around our survey, I went around and clicked a few corners of the place and people. We even made a small museum like tour to the Founders home. Other than the Heath Center and High School – which, by the way, has a Facebook page- there is a magnificent temple close by that makes amazing local food, that we are yet to taste.

Photograph Reference:  The temple is new and still under construction and because we were swamped with the survey and the hurry to return, I did not get a chance to enter it but was able to snap this pic of the very symmetric boundary from quite a distance. When I returned home and turned on Facebook to upload the other pics I was delighted to be informed today marked 175 years of photography and scanned all of the days’ clicks to find one worthy for this day.


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