Take Off.

Nikon D5200; fl: 24.0mm; 1/400s; f/10.0; ISO: 100

I truly think out of all the means of transport man has created – road, rail, over water, under water- flying through the atmosphere has to be the greatest of all. To be able to travel thousands of kilometers within half the time and across the globe in just a day is something that one couldn’t and shouldn’t stop admiring! 

I’ve the greatest and most fortunate opportunity of photographing the peak of Mount Everest from a flight in Nepal. Unfortunately though, since there were a ton of other peaks in its vicinity, I just clicked away and now I am unsure which one was the tallest of them all! 

On a more present tone, this post is for little m and her bright future that took off few days ago. Bitter sweet has been her farewell ( which I am fortunate again -thanks p- to have given, not one but 2!) but we are thoroughly proud of all her achievements and look forward to be proud of some more.

Photo Reference: Photo was taken mid-air, maybe 30 mins after take off, en route to the second farewell/surprize. 😉



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