Pizza Mania

Nikon D5200; 34.0mm; 1/10s; f/11.0; ISO 4000

When pizzas became a fad in the country, I would have them at every outing possible. I remember how we would even wait for an hour or so for a place inside Pizza Hut even though it was more than 15 km away from home.

Today I was given a sweet surprise by my who drove over with little m for a packet of pizzas (’cause she believes I am failure in the kitchen!). Little did she know I had the same for lunch! But despite my futile protests she came and gave me a within 30 min delivery.

Picture Reference: An uncle of mine is a big foodie and introduced us to this cafe a few weeks back and we ( little m, M and I) couldn’t help but have another round of Italian pizza and garlic bread from Ray’s cafe! ( Wonder if I’ll get a commission for this pic 😉 )


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