Wedding Season.

Nikon D5200; 35.0mm; 1/30s; f/5.0; ISO: 1400


So, according to Hindu calenders and traditions the months of May-July and Dec-Feb are considered an auspicious time for marriage. Weddings as such are big events in ones lives as well as in a society of over 1 billion people. Lakhs and lakhs of money is spent on such celebrations! But the event I was fornutate enough to attend yesterday wasn’t a wedding. It was surely being celebrated with all the joy and panache of a wedding but it was the 50th anniversary of a couple. Gifts were given followed by awkward photographs with what we ( little m and I) felt were strangers. Live ghazals were performed while never-before-seen-cousins were introduced and re-united.

While everyone was comparing their clothes, achievements and finished goals, little m and I went around proudly with our cam clicking away each corner of the beautifully and grandly decorated venue!



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