Monkeying Around




So, yesterday was our first day in our great native place. My sister and me. I was rather bothered by all the world scheduled for the day and spent every 2 mins reminding our grand parents what was the plan while little m was lost in her oblivion of her mobile internet. I remember we were thoroughly pissed at her when she first got addicted to the screen, TV, laptop, phone.. but now we’ve given in, in a way. But this Gen X thing.. well to be more specific.. the fact that Cell Phones and Tablets are now a mere extension our bodies, is a very bizarre and weird thing for our G.father. Unable to keep his thoughts to himself he compared little m to a Monkey! 

“Do you know the difference between a monkey and us? Its communication and language. Our tongue has a 70,000 worded vocabulary while monkeys and other animals might have 20-50″, he said making up the digits as he went on with his speech,”Animals just go and pluck fruits and play with them, just as you play with your device” A rather vague comparison but a subtle insult it was. He wished for conversation and arguments and discussions but little did he know that we maybe humans and still choose to be quiet.

So, soon after this convo little m and I went to the apt to clean and clear and returned just in time for lunch. After a scrumptious lunch and a very cold desert we sat down once again to listen to our G.fathers’ tales and he astonished us by narrating one that had happened during our absence! And incidentally it was about a young bold monkey that strutted into the house and left without causing any harm. Despite that was disappointed that the monkey failed to see the gigantic pile of bananas. “He didn’t even find the 26-30 bananas over there!” were his exact words. Why you ask? Because g.dads’ life philosophy lies in the fact that Small and Little is Beauty while believes one must be grand and big in everything they do. I suppose opposites do attract.

After that continued tales of the older monkey that used to visit him and climb onto the dinning table, followed by a tale ever so famous about how M was kidnapped by one and lastly by The Tale of The Tyrant Monkey had Killed and Restored Peace . 

“There was once a monkey in Delhi who was arrogant and fierce. He ripped all the clothes left on the terrace to dry and would always block my way to my house. The first time he was in my way, I tried to shoo him politely but he didn’t budge. Second time he tried to stop me, I warned him I’d kill him! I went to the police and asked for permission as I was a licensed gun holder and I did so. Unsure of the political riot the murder of a monkey by a Hindu would create, I put the body in a gunny bag and left him under a culvert and the credit or blame- whichever way you wish to take it- was taken by a Surdar in the locality”, he recalled wistfully.

Picture Reference: This photograph was taken at a place called Lions Point. When my family and I drove past it, it didn’t seem as great as the internet describes it to be. Though we do need to keep in mind that we did visit it at its off-season. So, the place was a view of a mountain that looked like a Shiv-Ling and as most places in India are, the tourist spot- funded and taken care of by Lion’s Club I presume- was swamped with little monkeys. Little m, terrified of them rushed to a safe distance while I, brave or stupid I dunno, inched as close as I could to them to catch a click with the magnificent mountain and breath taking sunset behind!


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